« For the Honour of France, for the sacred interests of Humanity »
(Napoleon the Great, 17th ventôse Year VIII – Saturday 8th March 1800)


At 10:45 on the 9th of January 1873, Napoleon III passed away in Chislehurst, England. Ever since, the 9th of January has been a day for honouring his memory and that of the civilians and soldiers who have worked for him, either under his leadership, or following his example.

For those who will be present/ taking part in the ceremonies on the 9th of January this year, don’t forget to mention it to those around you… particularly those who’d like to be there too.

For those who won’t be able to be present, this Facebook event is particularly addressed to you :

– Thanks to internet, you can (on Facebook and elsewhere) add a profil/cover photo that symbolises what the emperor represents for you.

– And, of course, you can also invite friends for a meal among family and/or friends in honour of the occasion.



« The Napoleonic Idea is the reconstitution of French society shaken by fifty years of revolutions, the reconciliation of order and liberty, the rights of the people and the principles of authority.

In the midst of two hostile parties, one of which looks only to the past, and the other only to the future, she takes the old forms and the new principles.

In order to build solidly, she founds her system on principles of eternal justice, and crushes beneath her feet the reactionary theories born from the excesses of parties.

She replaces the hereditary system of old aristocracies by a hierarchy which, while ensuring equality, rewards merit and guarantees order.

She finds strength in liberty, because she wisely prepares its reign by building large foundations before beginning construction on the building itself.

She follows neither the uncertain march of a party, nor the moods of the crowds. She commands by reason, she leads because she marches first.

Flying above political cliques, exempt from any nationalist prejudice, she sees in France only brothers easy to reconcile, and in the different nations of Europe the members of the same great family […]”

… The Napoleonic Idea is not a warlike ideal, but a social, industrious, commercial and humanitarian idea. If for some men she appears still surrounded by the thunder of combat, it is because in effect she was too long enveloped by the smoke of cannons and the dust of battles. But today the clouds have blown away, and we can see, through the glory of arms, a civil glory, greater still and more lasting.”

Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoléon III), Idées Napoléoniennes, 1839

NIII et les inondés de Lyon 1856


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JOURNAL OFFICIEL DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE 6 février 2010 1016 - * Déclaration à la préfecture de Meurthe-et-Moselle. MOUVEMENT BONAPARTISTE Objet : défendre, faire connaître et étendre les principes et valeurs du Bonapartisme. Il s’appuie sur l’adhésion populaire à une politique de redressement conjuguant les efforts des particuliers, associations et services de l’État. Le mouvement défend les principes bonapartistes sur lesquels il est fondé, et qui régissent son fonctionnement intérieur. Il défend également la mémoire de Napoléon le Grand, ainsi que celle de Napoléon III et de leurs fils, Napoléon II et Napoléon IV. Il reconnait Napoléon IV comme ayant régné sans avoir gouverné, en vertu du plébiscite de mai 1870. Le mouvement ne reconnait pas d’empereur après 1879, en vertu de l’absence de plébiscite. Républicain, il privilégie le bonheur, les intérêts et la gloire des peuples, et n’envisage de rétablissement de l’Empire que si les fondements en sont républicains et le régime approuvé par voie référendaire.
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