Territorial Organisation of the Bonapartist Movement, 17th of February 2015.



« For the Honour of France, for the sacred interests of Humanity »

(Napoleon the Great, 17th of Ventôse Year VIII – Saturday 8th March 1800)


Decision, 17th of February 2015.


Following the terrorist attacks which have taken place in Copenhagen (Denmark), in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Montrouge, and the deaths of our air force personnel at Albacete (Spain), the Bonapartist Movement transmits our condolances to the families of the victims, and pays hommage to them. The BM reaffirms, as a national, European, Francophone and worldwide movement, our support for military personnel, police officers, rescue and emergency personnel, as well as their families, and for all victims of war and of terrorism.


Within the framework of the territorial organisation of our movement, and on the occasion of the 215th anniversary of the law of the 28th of pluviôse Year VIII of the Republic, we charge our section chiefs in particular, as the representatives of the Bonapartist Movement in the départements (or equivalent administrative area), with promoting our struggle for the Cornflower of France, and other institutions, associations and services which take aid and assistance to our war veterans, war widows, wards of the nation (orphans), victims of war and of terrorism, families of military personnel, rescuers or police officers severely wounded or killed in the course of their duty.


It is equally asked of our section chiefs, on the same occasion, as well as of their teams and deputies in the municipalities, to promote our fight –

2/ for access for all to Justice, knowledge and understanding of the Law ;
3/ for access of all to education worthy of the name, according to the values of the law of the 10th of May 1806 ;
4/ for homeless, disabled, poor, or badly-housed people ;
5/ in support of farmers and beekeepers ;
6/ to save, regenerate and maintain national and worldwide heritage ;
7/ to promote knowledge of the work of our four emperors, and defend their memory ;
8/ for conciliation, concord and patriotic recovery.


It is expressly forbidden, to leaders in our movement, whatever their responsabilities, to publish or transmit, via means of communication belonging to the Bonapartist Movement, the comments, articles or positions adopted by whatever means of persons or organisations not formally allied to us. The authors of publications not directly emitted by our movement must be identified by name, except in the case of prior autorisation by the President.


A database of documents, available via our website, is placed at the disposition of our activists and supporters. It will continue to be developed, and will be reorganised in order to facilitate use of it.


The present decision will be published in the other languages spoken within our movement, beginning with the compulsory languages, namely French, Spanish, Arabic and English.


Our national secretaries of the Interior are charged, each in whatever concerns them, with the execution of the present decision.

Paul-Napoleon Calland

President of the Bonapartist Movement.


A propos mouvementbonapartiste

JOURNAL OFFICIEL DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE 6 février 2010 1016 - * Déclaration à la préfecture de Meurthe-et-Moselle. MOUVEMENT BONAPARTISTE Objet : défendre, faire connaître et étendre les principes et valeurs du Bonapartisme. Il s’appuie sur l’adhésion populaire à une politique de redressement conjuguant les efforts des particuliers, associations et services de l’État. Le mouvement défend les principes bonapartistes sur lesquels il est fondé, et qui régissent son fonctionnement intérieur. Il défend également la mémoire de Napoléon le Grand, ainsi que celle de Napoléon III et de leurs fils, Napoléon II et Napoléon IV. Il reconnait Napoléon IV comme ayant régné sans avoir gouverné, en vertu du plébiscite de mai 1870. Le mouvement ne reconnait pas d’empereur après 1879, en vertu de l’absence de plébiscite. Républicain, il privilégie le bonheur, les intérêts et la gloire des peuples, et n’envisage de rétablissement de l’Empire que si les fondements en sont républicains et le régime approuvé par voie référendaire.
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