Open letter To the Heads of State and Peoples of the Francophonie

The 11th of January 2012, 11 am.

To His Excellency M. le président etc etc

By letter dated 11th of January 2011 here enclosed, Paul-Napoléon Calland, president of the Bonapartist Movement, wrote to His Excellency Nicolas Sarkozy, president of the French Republic, to ask that measures be taken to ensure better visibility for the Cornflower of France.

This symbol of remembrance and of solidarity toward war veterans, widows, orphans and victims of war and of terrorism was created during the First World War by nurses to finance aid to the wounded, just as was the Poppy of the United Kingdom and of the Commonwealth of Nations. But until recently it has benefited from a visibility far below that of the Poppy, and remains limited to France.

Since the letter of the 28th of January 2011 in which the commissioner in chief of the Navy replied positively to this request on behalf of the President of the Republic, the UMP has added the proposal concerning the Cornflower to its programme, according to the terms of the letter of the 11th of January 2011, « on the example of the British Poppy », which, as Paul-Napoléon Calland underligned in advocating the adoption of the Cornflower by the entire Francophonie, is the symbol of remembrance and solidarity of the Commonwealth. Indeed, it is Walloons and Quebeckers who were the first to publish the text of this open letter on the Internet.

That is why the Union of the French People, faithful to its republican and gaullist values, and in conformity with the ties that unite our countries and territories of the worldwide French-speaking community, calls upon you to answer this second request by adopting the Cornflower as the emblem of remembrance and of hope of all the Francophonie.

Sebastien Nantz,
President of the Union of the French People.


Personal Headquarters

Paris, the 28 JAN 2011.
Ref.: Y00130

Monsieur le Président*,

« You have called the attention of Monsieur the President of the Republic to your wish that measures be taken to ensure a better visibility of the Cornflower of France.

Very attached to the duty of remembrance, the Head of the State has confided to me the responsibility of thanking you for informing him of your concern and has charged me with transmitting your letter to the Minister of State, minister of Defence and war veterans, in charge of this dossier, in order that he may be acquainted with it. For this symbol which has stood the test of time, conserves still its vocation of aid to persons in need.

I pray you to approve, Monsieur the President, the expression of my distinguished consideration.

The commissioner in chief of the Navy,
Philippe JACOB. »


A propos mouvementbonapartiste

JOURNAL OFFICIEL DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE 6 février 2010 1016 - * Déclaration à la préfecture de Meurthe-et-Moselle. MOUVEMENT BONAPARTISTE Objet : défendre, faire connaître et étendre les principes et valeurs du Bonapartisme. Il s’appuie sur l’adhésion populaire à une politique de redressement conjuguant les efforts des particuliers, associations et services de l’État. Le mouvement défend les principes bonapartistes sur lesquels il est fondé, et qui régissent son fonctionnement intérieur. Il défend également la mémoire de Napoléon le Grand, ainsi que celle de Napoléon III et de leurs fils, Napoléon II et Napoléon IV. Il reconnait Napoléon IV comme ayant régné sans avoir gouverné, en vertu du plébiscite de mai 1870. Le mouvement ne reconnait pas d’empereur après 1879, en vertu de l’absence de plébiscite. Républicain, il privilégie le bonheur, les intérêts et la gloire des peuples, et n’envisage de rétablissement de l’Empire que si les fondements en sont républicains et le régime approuvé par voie référendaire.
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11 commentaires pour Open letter To the Heads of State and Peoples of the Francophonie

  1. 16th of August 1855 LE MONITEUR UNIVERSEL

    « National feast-day of St Napoleon »

    Project « The Emperor, in his care for all that concerns the interests of the Army, has wished to improve the situation of the widows and orphans of those who die in combat, and, according to His Majesty’s orders, the Council of State is presented with a motion whose purpose is to double the sum of the pension paid annually to widows and orphans of servicemen of all ranks killed facing the enemy or who succumb due to war.
    This motion will be taken to the Corps législatif [the lower house of Parliament] in its very next session, and the minister of War is authorised forthwith to provisionally raise these pensions with the funds at his disposal and which are drawn from national subscriptions. »


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