Open Letter to His Excellency Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic, Co-Prince of Andorra, and to the minister Secretary of State, minister of Defence and of War Veterans.


On the 11th of November of every year, we honour the memory of veterans and victims of war. During the official ceremonies we sometimes see the Cornflower of France in the buttonholes of those present, « a symbol of remembrance and of solidarity toward our war veterans, created by nurses in 1916 in the very midst of the storm to finance help for the wounded.

Like the British Poppy, the Cornflower shows that we do not forget the sacrifice of our armies. » However, the British Poppy has two advantages of which our poor Cornflower can not (yet) boast. Firstly, the Poppy is worn by a majority of Britons during the month of November, and secondly it belongs equally to the nations and territories of the Commonwealth.

We believe that our Cornflower of France deserves better than to be worn only by a faithful few sufficiently motivated and aware of this tradition to go seeking their Cornflower in an obscure office of the National Bureau of War Veterans at Les Invalides.

It should be on sale as stickers and cardboard flowers, in every post office, town hall, prefecture and sub-prefecture. It must be worn by every elected representative, every representative of the authority of the State, all the more so because in addition to the intrinsic value of the symbol itself, its sale constitutes a collection for our war veterans. This accomplished, we may say that France attributes the same importance to her Cornflower as does our neighbour the United Kingdom to her Poppy.

This is why we write these few lines to you to ask, in the name of those who believe as we do in solidarity and the duty of remembrance, that the necessary measures be taken to ensure a visibility and a distribution of the Cornflower in conformity with the value of this symbol and the defence of republican values.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend its adoption by the countries and territories of the French-speaking world, who are also directly concerned by this emblem of their sacrifice for a motherland whose name they never enclosed in speech marks, and which today pays hommage to them by the wearing of an identical insignia.

11th of January 2011, 11am.

Paul-Napoléon Calland
President of the Bonapartist Movement.


A propos mouvementbonapartiste

JOURNAL OFFICIEL DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE 6 février 2010 1016 - * Déclaration à la préfecture de Meurthe-et-Moselle. MOUVEMENT BONAPARTISTE Objet : défendre, faire connaître et étendre les principes et valeurs du Bonapartisme. Il s’appuie sur l’adhésion populaire à une politique de redressement conjuguant les efforts des particuliers, associations et services de l’État. Le mouvement défend les principes bonapartistes sur lesquels il est fondé, et qui régissent son fonctionnement intérieur. Il défend également la mémoire de Napoléon le Grand, ainsi que celle de Napoléon III et de leurs fils, Napoléon II et Napoléon IV. Il reconnait Napoléon IV comme ayant régné sans avoir gouverné, en vertu du plébiscite de mai 1870. Le mouvement ne reconnait pas d’empereur après 1879, en vertu de l’absence de plébiscite. Républicain, il privilégie le bonheur, les intérêts et la gloire des peuples, et n’envisage de rétablissement de l’Empire que si les fondements en sont républicains et le régime approuvé par voie référendaire.
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